The Life We Want and Why We Don’t Have It

The life we want is not merely the one we have chosen and made, but the one we must be choosing and making.  – Wendell Berry, poet

There’s a terrible lie accepted as truth in much of our culture. It’s the belief that we cannot do anything about our life today, that we must accept things the way they are, and that we are stuck with the “life we’ve been given”.

Most of us look back on certain events or circumstances in our lives with regret, wishing we had known more and chosen differently at key moments. Many of us look back and judge others for the life we have lived believing we had no choice.

But the truth is we do have a choice about how we live our life, and we live out thousands of those choices every day. Each day we are creating our life. One may choose to repeat the same behavior over and again, or stop – think – and choose a better behavior and make it a habit! We do have a choice – even if the only remaining choice is how we will respond in any given situation. Made in God’s image, we are also creators – and He gladly gives us choice as a gift. With that gift, we have the self-responsibility for every choice we make – even if that choice has been to give up our choice and let someone else decide for us. (Yuck.)

Don’t have the life you want? If you continue to settle for less, believe there’s less, and walk in that “less-ness” then that’s all you will have. If you want to change something, if you want to move, if you want to get a new job – start taking steps towards what you want.

Trees are planted and once established and deeply rooted to one spot may not survive a move. But you are not a tree.mustard tree

Does it take courage? You betcha! It takes speaking FAITH and refusing to listen to FEAR. Your life is the one you are choosing and making. What are you creating with your life today?

Loads of grace for growth and change,


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(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, September 23, 2015

Dedicated to my winged child, Rachel Anna, who is choosing to create her life and make it the life she wants. I love you, dear one! ~Mom


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