when winds blow hard & all of life is tossed {keeping your balance}

There. are. days. There are days when you’ve been hit so hard and so long, you feel like giving up. Then there are days when a sudden crisis arrives at your front door uninvited and you must face it and do your best. There are things to remember when the winds blow hard and your life feels tossed about.

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At the core of destructive forces we find the true nature of that force – oppressive. Don’t be misled by that. Don’t put your faith in that. Don’t believe you’re losing and don’t buy into failure’s devilish taunt “where is your God now?”

Refuse to be misled — refuse to believe that anything can separate you from His love.  He is right there with you and has a  harvest of good things for you, ordained and certain even if you cannot see it right now. ~Shirley Weaver, A Clear Trumpet

When you’re worn down gradually or suddenly hit hard, PRAY. Pray to not be misled by what is in your face. Pray to not compromise or make a deal with what wants to throw you down. See it as a destructive force out to oppress you, push you, and plant its flag on top of your mountain! Refuse to put your faith in “it”, and keep believing you will come out on top. Choose your thoughts with deliberate intention – thoughts of perseverance, of seeking God for strength, of knowing He is there for you. See Him fighting for you!

There are also things to SAY right out loud! Our words have creative power, for better or for worse. Take hold of “faith thoughts” like these and speak them out –

My God is with me! Who can stand against Him? While I go through this time, He is fighting for me and will bring me through!

Thank you, Father, for even this experience, for I know that if you’ve allowed it to come to my door, YOU will be strong enough in me to remain standing and not give up.

I stand in the authority of Jesus and bind down these destructive forces seeking to oppress me. Lord, help me remain IN You. My faith is growing and getting stronger! I will not fear!

I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ! My life is hidden in Him and He will weave His strength in with mine.

Don’t be surprised when winds blow hard and your life feels tossed about like a little boat on a big sea. Since you live on earth, this is going to happen. Keep your balance by choosing your thoughts well and speaking truth. Toss out of your mental boat all that would sink it, and welcome in and hang onto what keeps your head above water and your heart strong. And call a friend to pray for you, someone who will step into your little boat with encouragement. He promises to see you through because you belong to the One who created you, named you, and will not let you be consumed in the storm.

Isaiah 43 2, pass through waters

Our earthly perspective is so very short concerning the lives we live. We need God’s help, vision, and strength, and we need to make a decision, sometimes moment by moment, that even when we can’t see, especially when we don’t understand, that we will still stand in faith. You have a responsibility to yourself so make your decision now!

So get up, dress up, and buckle up because we’re all in this life together, and let’s be determined to live it in love, gentleness, strength, and faith! The way you keep your balance today sets the foundation for many tomorrows.

So much grace,


From the desk by the window where I feel my faith like a blanket around me and I’m cuddled up with my Father.

(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, Dec 2, 2015

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6 thoughts on “when winds blow hard & all of life is tossed {keeping your balance}

  1. jane62

    This reminded me of the song ‘Days like this’ by Van Morrrison. in this world you will have trouble … but I have overcome the world says the Lord. I remind myself that But God is not intimidated by my circumstances, by the enemy, or even my attitude, especially if it starts off all broken and otherwise. Thanks for a lovely post.

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  2. Lee-Ann

    Dear Robin, Yet again so timeously. My friend and I am in exactly this place. Just the other day she was asked “where is your God” that you have so much faith in. Both of us agreed and declared that no matter what we WILL SERVE HIM. We do live on earth and yes we will go through adversity. May our hearts and minds be full of Him for us to speak His Words and hold onto His Word for ourselves. I am so encouraged again by this word from your pen today.
    Kind regards, Lee-Ann


    • Robin L. Lewis

      That’s always the reply of the world, isn’t it? When Jesus never said that believing in Him would provide an easy life! In fact, He said, “In this world you. will. have. trouble.” But for me, and I’m sure for you, too, it’s because we HAVE HIM beside me in everything that helps me become that overcomer, too! We have the Spirit of Overcoming in us, Lee-Ann, and I am so thankful! Thanks for your beautiful comment! God bless you as you continue to stand! Lots of love, Robin

      Liked by 1 person

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