Plot Your Location

shallow livingStart where you are. You can’t start anywhere else.

Start with what you have. You can’t start with what you don’t have.

Start with what you know. It’s enough for now, or you’d know more.


If you’re tired of shallow living and feel a desire for change, for moving into deeper water, take a step.
That might be to set a goal or join a group or start a business, but take the next step.

Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t listen to it. It acts like its voice is big, shouting in your ears the way it likes to do, thrilled with your trembling, but it’s only as large as you allow it to grow, and like the bully it is, if you’ll step towards it, it runs away quickly.

Sometimes we feel the fear and do the next thing anyway.

So plot your current location on the map, see where you are, and ask yourself the now famous Andy Stanley question: “What would a great leader do?”  Get your answer and then do that.

If you’d like to comment and let me know what your next step is, I love to read it and urge you on. Leave a comment here and the rest of us will cheer you on.

These are important days and God is moving us forward into deeper lives with Him, the safest place, where we can come to know Him more intimately like a careful Father.  When we do deeper trust, we are able to take bigger steps, even risky ones.  This is the year to believe.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear!

Let life in Christ be as it’s designed to be – it will far exceed your expectations, and ask more  of you than you’re ready to give, but the greatest adventure of your life!

We climb a mountain one step at the time,


From the desk by the window where the new lamp is lighting up the keyboard.

(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, reposted from January 2013

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6 thoughts on “Plot Your Location

  1. Faithinflipflops

    My greatest fear is living a shallow life! And it is so interesting that I read this blog tonight! I just finished reading John Piper’s new book (more like a pamphlet on “Risk is Right”. And over the past month, the Lord has given me a big dream….a dream I cannot accomplish on my own…I shared it with someone who is coaching me and then my boss (who also happens to be my pastor)…I thought for sure they would think I’m crazy but they have been so supportive and encouraging! This is just further confirmation!!! Thank you!


    • Robin Lawrimore

      I can so relate to your words! I want to live a great story. And my story will require risk, like every good story does. You might be encouraged by “Holy Wild” by Mark Buchanan. He writes that the more we rely on and understand God’s love for us and rest in it, the more risk we are willing and able to take. Blessings to you in your journey!


  2. supashmo

    I’m looking for a job that’s more than “Getting By.” I’ve gotten by all my life and I refuse to do it any longer. So I’m looking for a job that most likely exists out of state, where I’ve always lived. I have no power or money to move that far, but it’s time to do something stupid/crazy/awesome.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      A friend of mine once said that he thinks God is waiting and hoping that His kids try something new so that He can breathe on it. That concept has carried me over the last few years. And I am where you are concerning income. Much has been lost over the years with just getting by. I’m praying for the Lord to “restore all” and praying to believe that He really can provide for me. Maybe the provision will come “as you go.” Blessings on your journey!


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