Redeem, Release, and Redirect with Robin

New for 2016

Redeem, Release, & Redirect with Robin is a 30-35% off, 6 session intensive program using Bible-based Coaching Tools to quickly get you on the path of discovering more of your life!

Redeem the past, express buried emotions, choose healing & forgiveness, & begin to walk free. Your past never has the last word and you are more than your past.

Release people, places, and things, identify limiting beliefs, and choose God’s truth that lays a new foundation for your life.

Redirect your life in the direction of your goals & purpose, by applying  the Principle of the Path, and begin moving forward, valuing your one beautiful, brave life in God.

There’s no getting around it! Each of us must UNPACK what’s holding us back if we want our life to be better. What are you carrying in the luggage of life that is weighing you down and preventing you from experiencing healing, peace, and joy?

Woman on luggage, past, future, burdens

We all must deal with unforgiveness, buried emotions, personal wounds, and wrong beliefs about ourselves, others, and God IF we want to have a better life.

Only then is it possible to REPACK with what we need to in order to move forward in peace, strength, and intimacy with God.


Life may be understood at times by temporarily looking back, but the thing to remember is that the windshield is much larger than the rear view mirror! We are to focus on God’s presence with us today and walk into our tomorrows in a way that actually gets us to the destination, goals, and life we long for.

God is big enough and ready to help you with any situation that you have experienced or circumstance you find yourself in. Don’t believe the lie that says you must remain as you are or that you’re too old to change or too young to begin. Find out how to recreate your life into the “new you”.

You have been given one amazing life to live. Everything you do and think affects others around you. Every person’s story overlaps onto the story of others for generations to come. See your story inside God’s epic story, for you are part of God’s Kingdom plan. Your life is created to be a life of influence, for better or for worse. Let’s make it for better!

Therefore if any person be in Christ, let them be a new creature. Old things are passed away: behold, all things are becoming new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

old you, new you

Redeem, Release, & Redirect with Robin is a 6 session intensive program using Bible-based Coaching Tools to quickly get you on the path of discovering your new life in Christ and all that is yours through a relationship with Him.

We often don’t understand what is available to us through Christ. With His one  life, He defeated everything that tries to defeat  us today. Through His strength, we find the truth we need to build a foundation that makes it possible to live a life that is not only pleasing to Him, but a life that contains joy, peace, and all we will need to live as the amazing person we were created to be.

No one can choose for you but you! Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out more? Redeem, Release, & Redirect is priced at 30-35% off regular rates! Contact Robin today! Email her at or call (843) 319-5390. Other Coaching Packages are also available for women ages 16 years and up, up, up!

There’s plenty of grace for the journey,


From the desk by the window where inside the coffee is hot and outside the squirrels are romping on the lawn. 

(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, January 15, 2016

DSC_4975Robin is booking speaking events for 2016-2017. Get her on your calendar before hers is filled! Is your church or group hosting a Women’s Retreat this year? Great! You’ll want to hear about her Retreat Package! Call today: 843.319.5390


4 thoughts on “Redeem, Release, and Redirect with Robin

    • Robin L. Lewis

      Thanks, Mom! ❤ This program will gently dig deep into releasing women from the past that weighs them down, and propel them forward into more of the life they really want – characterized by peace, joy, and fulfillment! I'm excited about it! AND IT'S DISCOUNTED! That will help many take part.


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