The Weight of Chronic Overthinking {How to be Free}


Chronic. I have been a chronic over-thinker. And I can still fall into it at times. It. feels. awful. And yet, we do it because we don’t know what “might” happen.

The “what if’s” come like rapid fire gun shots at our thoughts and we scramble like soldiers for a bunker of mental safety, strategizing a plan to make sure everything turns out alright.

Like we think we are that powerful. Newsflash: WE ARE NOT THAT POWERFUL.

As Christians, we talk about our faith walk, and then worry about what could be around the next corner. We are listening to the wrong voices. We are believing the wrong things.

In fact, the only way to grow our faith is to NOT KNOW and still lean hard with all the weight of our concerns upon God. We are to “cast all our cares upon Him because He cares for us.”

We are not to cast it like a fishing lure, then reel it back in. We’re to throw it out like the garbage and trust that God is going to be God.

I was telling a new friend yesterday that sometimes when life circumstances seem way too big, we just need to walk outside and look up at that really big sky and remember that our Heavenly Father made that sky…with His words! And that His hands hold it and us together.

So when you catch yourself with the “what if” or the “I’ve got to do something about this” thoughts, walk outside and throw it all at the Lord who is so very big. Then come back in, make a nice cuppa tea, and ask for His help. He promises to give it.

  • Reflection time: If you have the habit of reflecting over the day or over your life at the end of the day, look for ways you lived well, give thanks, and rest easy knowing you’re a process.
  • Maxwell’s Law of the Mirror: You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself. Give yourself a check up in your “self talk” and “self behavior” where they relate to stress, criticism, comparison to others, and how you use your mental time.
  • It’s impossible to worry and trust God at the same time. To shift it to trust, control your thoughts (yes this is possible), and choose to focus on giving thanks. Gratitude trips worry and over-thinking every time, making it fall on it’s ugly little face.

Trusting Him feels so very good and is the way to living free!

Grace & Peace,

From the desk by the window, realizing my smallness and God bigness, and feeling pretty good about that.

2016-01-05 16.50.00

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ask, think, imagine, ephesians 3 20

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