Gaps in a Dry Stone Wall

“For those of my friends abroad who have never heard of a ‘dry stone wall’, well, here is one. They are built, in the mountains and hills of the UK, by the farmers to mark out their land boundaries. The stones are simply placed in a workable but random order to form a wall. They stretch for miles and have gaps between the stones to let the wind through, resulting in very little damage from the brutal elements.” – Graeme Scroggie

England stone wall, Graeme Scroggie

My friend posted this on Facebook recently when he and his son took a drive through the Lake District of England, their homeland. I closed my eyes and recalled my first trip to the UK. We landed in Edinburgh, Scotland and took a train up past Aberdeen. The 3-hour ride took us through the country and along the cliff edges of the North Sea and into the Highlands. From the bright yellow Rapeseed blooms to the occasional castle and ocean views, I didn’t want to blink for fear I’d miss something. Later we would drive through the countryside where fields of sheep were kept in boundaries by walls just like this one. Dry stone walls separated pasture after pasture, farm after farm. The ancient barns and houses all built with heavy timbers and the same gray stones.

Passing the pastures and watching the flocks, I asked the cab driver, “Where did they find all the stones?” He answered, “The stones were in the fields. Now the fields can be plowed. Now they can be pasture.”

Even after several trips that were to come for me, I never tired of seeing it. It’s a good image for how we need to build our lives, letting the Lord remove the rocks and make our lives fertile ground. Letting Him use those same rocks to create a stronger and more useful life. Maybe our walls need gaps, too, so that the storms don’t blow us over and His love can flow through. If we’ve chosen Him as our sure foundation, even when the winds blow hard we are secure. And I imagine a song whistling through the gaps, the open spaces, where the breeze finds it way through. The song of the Lord! Only in the spaces of our lives can we have room to receive.

Are you feeling the gaps? Are you protective over the open spaces in your life, the tender places? Yeah, me, too, sometimes. They can feel so vulnerable to us. But that’s where God shows Himself strong. Let’s ask the Lord to strengthen us and fill every space, shall we?

Lord, fill us up with the wind of Your Spirit, mighty, loving, and sure! Not just so we can receive of You, but so that through our open spaces we can let Your love and power flow out to others around us. Help us be the blessing.

Loads of grace,


From the desk by the window where the sun is shining and the air heavy with moisture – a greenhouse for the pastures and fields where I live in lower South Carolina.

(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, July 7, 2016

Quote and photo used with permission from Graeme Scroggie, flight attendant, who takes some great photos from the air. Visit his Facebook page and follow him to enjoy the view!


4 thoughts on “Gaps in a Dry Stone Wall

  1. Jimmy Chinnes

    Love the visual aids.
    Anna Caroline talked about the beautiful country when she spent a semester in Ireland. She traveled around Scotland and England on her down times. She talked about the beauty of nature.
    She didn’t blink ,she loved Gods gift .
    Thank You my friend, great thoughts as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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