2 Minutes of Self Awareness

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Journal – If I am not aware of what I’m actually doing in a day, then it’s very hard to change my life consistently. To become more aware, it helps to examine my time. I can remember that God is involved to help expose any false or unbalanced responsibility I may have placed on myself. Then I can take steps to remove it so that my life can become more productive and peaceful.

I can become more aware of His work in me by stopping to examine my thoughts and emotions, asking Him about it, and trusting Him to do in me what is needed for growth.

I can become more aware of how I’m walking through a day by measuring something. What we measure, we improve. Not a measuring stick of judgment, but of love that increases what I want in my life.

I can make and keep appointments with myself to accomplish my goals instead of just hoping something happens. My real life example…

Read & understand a Bible passage or devotional
Spend 10 minutes with the Lord with an open heart

Walk 30 minutes
Read 20 inspiring pages
Record 5 God gifts in my gratitude journal
Work on my current writing project, measuring progress
Connect with 3 people

These are things that help build me, encourage my heart towards God, and help me become my truest self as I walk with Him each day. As false things are removed, my truest self is uncovered. With a more solid personal foundation, I will produce what is authentically me. That leads to more personal freedom.

Always comfortable? Of course not. Growth is not automatic and isn’t easy. Pursuing growth of who God created me to beย is always worth it. This is how we come to thrive. This is how we come to live a more simple but fulfilling life.

“Grow my spirit, grow my soul,

Dig in deep and make me whole.

Nurture every living part

You created from the start. “

The grass is always greener where you water it. What steps should you take, what goals should be in place for you to become more of who YOU are created to be? Keep it simple, but kick it up a notch. You want to reach your goals so eliminate from your life what doesn’t need to use up any more precious time and get serious. And most importantly, remember you are greatly loved.

Loads of grace,

From the desk by the window where I am feeling incredibly thankful.

(C) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership LLC August 2, 2016

Keynotes, Workshops, & Certified Life Coaching are available – send an email to robinlewiswords@gmail.com for more info and visit my Services page.

Blessings on your day! Remember, to be self-aware is to know how to change in order to be more productive. So kick it up a notch!change, purpose, goals

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