I encourage, equip, and empower people to live fully their one amazing life.

create typewriterEver since I launched my blog 7 years ago and started speaking publicly, hundreds of you have told me that my words are encouraging, challenging, and life changing; that you’ve put into practice what I teach and write about and how your life now has more significance. Many of you have told me how the topics I write on “hit home” with you and you share your stories back with me. Most of you have said that for the first time you now see more clearly your life through God’s eyes – without so much fear or failure, and with a great deal more value, purpose, and hope.

Want to be on my team?

I write and speak about why our journey through life matters, about our true identity, value, and purpose, and about how we can change our lives with God’s help by changing the way we think and believe. I talk a lot about women’s issues and the what the Bible really says. All the women I’ve come in contact with are touched, relieved, and empowered to go and be more of who God created them to be. Some of this happens inside the church, but most of it happens outside in the groups and organizations that make up our communities. Much of my speaking and most of my writing is still unpaid.

Robin 6By supporting me through Patreon, you’ll be able to partner with me as we continue to learn about life from God’s perspective, encourage each other in the journey, and change the world for the better by living great stories where we are.

In the same way that you support public Television or Public Radio, other artists or authors, you’re contributing to created work that enriches your life and the lives of others – content you believe in – by pledging a monthly gift.

I’d love to have you along for the ride!

I can’t promise you a key ring or water bottle in return, (though you never know), but I can promise that you will be a true partner with me; through the private Facebook Group page or via email, you’ll be able to contribute to blog topics, ideas, and projects, giving me feedback to help me know what really matters today. So please join me in sharing this work with the world, and help support me as I work on a devotional book, a mentoring retreat for women, and recorded guided prayers – all for publication this year. I am truly grateful for any amount donated!

If you’d like to be a monthly contributing patron, the giving levels are quite friendly:

Visit my page on Patreon and choose from $3.00 – $5.00 – $10.00 – $25.00 or $100.00 a month

The $100 a month patrons will get a 60 minute encouragement call with me every month!

Prayer Support

If you are unable to give financially, your prayer support is of even greater value to me! Please keep me on your prayer list for hearing God’s voice clearly, and obeying no matter what. If you want to join my prayer team, just let me know ( and I will add you to the Facebook Group – My Sozo Life Group.

I want you on my team for support in creating books, blog posts, guided prayers, truth cards, workshops, and retreats, and making it possible for this life-changing teaching to go around the world! patreon orange black

Thanks so much for reading and encouraging me, and for considering being a financial and prayer partner in this calling. I hope we get to meet (if we haven’t already). I hope that through my words you will come to know just amazing you really are, unpack your own potential, and live out your God-given destiny.

Blessings of grace for your journey! May you live your one story well!


From the desk by the window where the grass is green after rain, and wind is dancing in the pines!


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