Happy Clients

Join the group of Happy & Inspired Clients!  Call or email today!

Robin L. Lewis – robinlewiswords@gmail.com – (843) 319-5390

Robin Lewis was added to the Biggest Loser 10 week competition as a life coach and source of encouragement for the 72 participants. Navarro said Lewis’ coaching, speaking, and articles contributed greatly to the participant retention rate being much higher for 2015, 85%, over the 50% in the 2014 program. Stephanie Navaro, Project HOPE Director, United Way Florence County, Florence, SC

Stephanie Navarro

A Few of my Happy Clients…

Gould Business Incubator at the SiMT

United Way of Florence County

Florence Area Literacy Council

Pee Dee Realtors Association

Lighthouse Ministries

Pee Dee Professional Women’s Networking Group

GoFlo Radio, Florence, SC

Center Baptist Church

Door of Faith Ministries

UMC Annual Women’s Event

Ebenezer Methodist Church

   The Singles Coffeehouse, Winston-Salem NC

Women’s ICU Group, Greensboro NC, and others

Join the group of Happy, Encouraged Clients!  Call or email today!

Robin L. Lewis – robinlewiswords@gmail.com – (843) 319-5390

What People Are Saying…

Ashley Dingle“Robin offered us great insight and advice on several elements that represent outstanding customer service for entrepreneurs at our Startup Boot Camp.  Our startups have learned that excellent customer service is a top priority in any business and Robin exemplifies this in her own business and daily life.” Ashley Dingle, Manager of The Gould Business Incubator at SIMT

Dayne CokerThank you to the person I am proud to call “friend” for coming to our school to give us a much needed shot of encouragement this time of year!  Thank you, Robin, for giving us the boost we needed!  Dayne Coker, Principal Johnsonville Elementary School, Johnsonville, SC

Cecilia MeggsRobin, Thank you so much for your moving and informative presentation to the participants of the Working Mothers’ Education and Support Program.  You were an inspiration to the mothers who are struggling and gave them new-found optimism and useful, practical suggestions to help them succeed.  Again, our sincere thanks for your thoughtful presentation and for taking your time to help others.  Cecilia L. Meggs, Executive Director, Lighthouse Ministries, Florence, SC

Robin, Thank you so much for agreeing to speak at our event. Your words were so inspiring and certainly applicable to our everyday lives. Your sweet, gentle spirit leaves no doubt that Christ is speaking through you. Thank you, and I hope you will come back for another event soon. Hannah Stanley,Executive Director, Greater Darlington Chamber of Commerce

Mary Pinckney

“It is time for us as Women to take our rightful place as The Daughters of Zion, expressing the heart of the Father through the beauty within. Rise Up and be who God has called you to be.” Blessings Robin for penning these beautiful words. 🙂 Mary Pinckney, 43rd Generation Ministries, Lake City, SC

Robin, so many times the things you write are just what I am going through. Thank you so much for putting them into words that help release what I am feeling. Your writing is a gift of grace to me. Pam Gibson

Keith and KarenRobin Lawrimore Lewis’ work with others in speaking, coaching, and fellowship is the Christian equivalent of a Fortune 500 Motivational Speaker. She lights up the room with sincerity, caring, and a true gift for leadership. With a heart for people and the Church, Robin has the rare quality of balancing her spiritual gifts and enthusiasm with a reality based, mission focused sensitivity, tact, and situational awareness. Robin excels in understanding and encouraging others to be their best. Robin is a spiritual warrior, sincere Sister in Christ, and enthusiastic, gifted Christian professional. Keith A. Welsh, LCSW Veterans Administration, Washington, DC

Sandy OastRobin is a person who is gifted in encouragement and in helping people, churches, and companies succeed to be their best. She is always ready to lend a hand where needed and rolls up her sleeves alongside others. Robin is experienced in church and organizational endeavors. Robin is also a gifted communicator and a highly dedicated individual. Whether leading ministries to working in the marketplace. Her accuracy in hearing from the Lord has blessed my life.  I have known her to be a loyal, caring person with a great sense of humor, and I am blessed to be her friend for more than 18 years. Sandy Nicholson, The Phoenix Company Winston Salem, NC

1 Sozo Logo 9-10-14

Join the group of Happy Clients!  Call or email today!

Robin L. Lewis – robinlewiswords@gmail.com – (843) 319-5390

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