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Clients, this page exists because you dove in deep, you climbed to the top of your mountain, and you refused to give up! You have endured the hard work of introspection, of choosing to line your life up with God’s truth, of refusing to listen to fear, and instead, come to believe in the God-definition of who you really are!

Congratulations for doing the hard work to grow into your own more abundant Sozo Life and grow more into the person God created you to be! Congratulations on working on your relationships and using your voice in your circle of influence!

I’m so proud of you and thankful that I have been able to walk alongside you in this part of your journey. The value of coaching is in helping clients find the answers and the truth they need in order to experience transformation and achieve success.

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It’s your turn! Share your story in a comment below of how coaching with Robin Lewis – Sozo Life Coaching helped to take you from where you were to where you’ve come to be. Feel free to use your full name, initials, or just be anonymous. Your story will bring hope and build the faith for another.

With God, nothing is impossible! (Luke 1:31)

I have come that they may have life and life abundant! (John 10:10)

So much love & grace,


Individual and Group Coaching are available!

Robin Lewis – or (843) 319-5390

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Coaching Client Referrals & Comments

Christ-centered life coaching with Robin is all about moving forward. We began with areas in which I was experiencing difficulty in certain areas and developed a vision plan to accomplish them with goals and follow up. We covered relationships, career, and spiritual life. We used several resources Robin has available for personal growth in the path I believe God has for me. I’ve learned that while we don’t always have a completely clear vision of where God’s plan will lead, we can start preparing day by day now. And everything is handled with Spirit-led prayer! 

Robin is a terrific sounding board and has helped me gain perspective in many areas of my life, especially where I was unaware of “limiting beliefs” that were holding me back. One of the most important areas she has helped me with is “boundaries.” Previously unaware, I have come to understand the issues with boundaries so much better and worked to establish healthy boundaries in my personal and professional relationships. 

I would highly recommend Robin as a Life Coach to anyone who would like to move forward and discover the exciting things God has planned. I believe God truly has a plan for each of us and He has given us people like Robin to come along side and help us on that joyful journey. – Coaching Client

Robin’s coaching has given me a new perspective on my life. I now understand how to better communicate with my husband, my boss, and my children. Understanding how my thoughts and words affect those around me and how to use them with wisdom is what I’ve needed! Thank you, Robin!  –S. J.

Having Robin as my first ever life coach has been amazing. She has helped me have hope again that I really can change my life. Now my outlook is more positive, I know how to handle and eliminate discouragement when it comes, and I’m moving into a future that is bright. I thank God for connecting me with Robin!  –Coaching Client

I first knew Robin when she served as the Life Coach for the Biggest Loser Competition, then after losing my husband, she became my life coach. She has helped me transition into a very different future than I had imagined before, but now I am ready to make decisions for myself and my children as we go forward. Her coaching has made a huge difference in my life!  –Stephanie Navarro

 God has blessed Robin with not just great knowledge but an insight into the problem. She is so dedicated to helping each person…we all need help and usually, we wait too long to ask. Do yourself the best favor and let Robin start leading you through your trials…no matter how hard we try we just can’t do it alone. Reach out..she will take your hand and you will never regret changes she brings into your life. – Ramona Parker

Every article that Robin writes for the newspaper, I cut out and keep in my desk. When life overloads me, I turn to them for encouragement! – Belinda Cokeland

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