Signature Products

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The Importance of Your First 10 Minutes (pdf)

Free guide to right alignment with God in your first 10 minutes of the day in bookmark-sized format! Teaching included. Don’t just HOPE to feel good in the morning! Do what makes your first 10 work for you. Request your free copy at

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Coming in 2016:

In the Father’s Eyes (e-book & hardcover)

“In the Father’s Eyes” is a devotional book on our true identity, value, & Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom cpurpose found when we draw near to the Father. The world seeks to define you every day in many ways and the earthly definitions influence us with negativity, competition, confusion, and lack. What if your identity, your true identity, is royal? What if you have more significance to live a fulfilling life of purpose than you ever imagined? The answers we seek are only found when we come to see our reflection in the Father’s eyes. (ebook and hardcover editions)

The Guts & Glory of Forgiveness:
what it is, what it’s not forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key to healing in our lives. Forgiveness frees us from the pain of wounds and the bondage of judgments. This is bold truth we all need to experience the freedom of giving and receiving forgiveness. No matter what has happened, freedom and healing can be yours through Jesus. Don’t miss out on this honest, life-changing teaching! (ebook & paperback editions)

“Robin’s workshop on Forgiveness made more of a difference in my life than any other topics I’ve heard her teach. It truly provided a way for increased freedom and healing in my life.” R.P., participant


Handling Emotions Like A Grown Upsocial-emotional-girl

Emotions are important! In fact, God Himself has emotions and since we are made in His image, we need to know how He expects us to handle these sometimes volatile, difficult feelings. Watch for this booklet in 2016 (pdf & ebook)

What is the Abundant “Sozo” Life? abundant life, field woman

Jesus said He came that we might have and enjoy
abundant (sozo in Greek) life (John 10:10). So where is it? How do we obtain it? Why isn’t it automatic when we experience salvation? What exactly does abundant life look like? How do I receive it?
Questions like these will be addressed in this booklet coming in 2016. (pdf & ebook)


Friend, would you pray with me as these products are created, for them to be what the Father desires for His children?  I need your prayers for the words, design, and publication of these materials. The content has come alive in my own life and is my testimony of God’s goodness and enormous grace. Thank you for remembering me!

Much love,


blessing to meFrom the desk by the window where the sun is shining through the pines on a day filled with hope!



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