Why We Should Run from Popular Thinking


I recently submitted a softer version of this piece for publication in a local newspaper. I like to get readers thinking about their lives. This one is about that very thing: thinking.

knowledge, thoughts, journey, truthPopular thinking is defined as thoughts and/or beliefs regarded by the general population to be true and acceptable. Popular thinking is the lazy way to carry an opinion, but it gets worse. When we submit ourselves to an ideology, to a belief, to a culturally accepted standard, we are spiritually submitting ourselves, almost like we’re bowing down to it. We will become like what we bow down to – in thought, words, and behavior.

Things in your life are either expanding or shrinking depending on the focus you give them. Genuine growth, creativity, and achievement depend on new ideas, but what happens when we can’t escape the “good enough” ideas or won’t let go of the old ones? What happens when we believe we can’t change our lives or make them better? We grow stagnant, traditional, and while withering, we live our lives as a mere shell of the person God created us to be. The traditions of people can be very things – unless they are contrary to what God wants.

Personal growth is not automatic, but must be pursued. The way we think and believe will determine the outcome of our lives. Where is a reliance on popular thinking or tradition holding you back from what God wants for you?

Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.” John Maxwell says, “If you value popularity over good thinking, then you will severely limit your potential.” In speaking to an audience recently, I talked about the power of one’s potential to achieve more, exceedingly more than most of thoughts, popular thinkingus can imagine. Those of us, who pursue growth, end up pursuing broader, deeper thinking.

Whether you are part of a business, church, or family, traditional thinking can lock up your potential and cause problems that may go unidentified. It’s only when we stop and do the work of thinking do we solve problems with new creativity. When we do the work of personal spiritual growth, we learn to solve problems with the help of the Holy Spirit, not “What is everyone else doing?” or “What have we always done?”

Paul wrote his letter to the Romans encouraging them to not take on the thinking of the world, but to be transformed by having their minds renewed by the truth (Romans 12:2). When he said “Do not be conformed to the world” the original Greek word is schematizo from which we get our English word schematic, meaning design or blueprint. The root word actually means to twist together. If we are not supposed to model our lives after the blueprint of popular thinking (which models us after the image of society), then that requires we engage in better thinking that leads to greater discernment. Without strong discernment or astuteness, our thoughts and lives can get so twisted up with what is not true that we begin to believe it. Someone said, “A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by the majority.”

mind set thinking thoughts resultsToday our world is plagued with many rumors, contrary beliefs, and mixed philosophies. Do you find yourself wondering what is true? So do I. We need to pursue personal growth, deepen our relationship with God, and ask Him for greater wisdom and discernment. In Ephesians 4:23-25, Paul is exhorting us to untangle ourselves from what corrupts our lives and be renewed in the spirit of our minds; to push aside the false and speak only what we know to be true. This comes from growth! If there’s no renewing of our minds in Biblical truth, then we grab whatever is believed in our culture and it becomes ours. The same old thinking always brings the same old results.

Popular thinking sometimes means not thinking at all, and at best only brings average results. Our thoughts have the power to create what we experience, and whatever we focus on grows larger. If you’re tired of your own “stinkin thinkin” holding you back, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Stop and think before you follow popular thinking
  2. Include strong believers (who know how to hear God’s Spirit) who are innovative thinkers in your circle
  3. Continually question your own thinking; what worked yesterday might not be best for today – Does what I believe line up with God’s truth?
  4. There may be something new to discover so ask questions and seek options
  5. Even if uncomfortable, make decisions based on what is right according to the Word of God rather than on what is commonly accepted

Author, Mark Twain is noted for saying, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” God designed our minds with the ability to be renewed which means we can change the way we think. If you want to change your life, you must change the way you think!

Be more than a follower; become a strong leader who exercises good thinking, births innovative solutions, and shares new ideas. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Know your values and let them be your guide. Remember, everything begins as a thought and our thoughts determine our destiny. It takes nothing to join the crowd, so before you follow popular or traditional thinking, think!

For help or suggestions, send me an email! I’d love to hear about your thinking!

Loads of grace,


From the desk by the window where possibility and creativity are in the air!

Robin L. Lewis is a certified life coach, speaker, and writer who challenges others to grow and achieve. For more information, email Robin at robinlewiswords@gmail.com and get free updates at www.sozolifeleaders.com/blog.

2016-08-20 19.26.36Where I do some of my best thinking! Fishing and beach combing with my husband, Jeff.



Can Spiritual Life Coaching Help You Out of That Stuck Place?

It depends if you want to get out of that place.

Want your life to be different? Then you have to DO something different. You have to learn how to think, speak, and act differently or nothing will change.

old you, new youSpiritual Life Coaching looks at the whole person – spirit, soul, and body – your gifts, abilities, dreams, goals – your thoughts, words, beliefs – and helps give you tools and a framework for moving forward, for finding that next important step.

You may have just 1 or 2 areas of your life that you want to see change. Or you may need a major breakthrough! The truth is we all need measures of healing in different seasons of life. The problem is we usually try to work on things alone and we don’t know how to reach our goal.

That’s where I come in. I can help you empower yourself to live a better life. Sozo Life Coaching is for you if you resonate with these statement:

  • You quietly feel bad about yourself while looking over Facebook profiles of people who seem to have the life you want.
  • You know some steps you could carry out now, but fear and uncertainty keep you playing small.
  • You are frustrated where you are in life and want to have more joy and peace.
  • You wonder why that same problem keeps resurfacing again and again.
  • You know your attitude is negative, but don’t know how to change it.
  • You spend your life making sure everyone is pleased with you by molding yourself into what others expect, while denying your own feelings.
  • You stay trapped in relationships and wish there was a way out, but feel somehow you deserve what is happening.
  • You want to work on things like your thought life or communication, but aren’t sure what you need to learn to bring change.
  • You say things like, “If only I had _______, my life would be different,” but you don’t take any steps to get it.
  • You listen too often to the voices in your head tell you want you can’t do, can’t be, or can’t have, that you’re not smart enough, and that you should  just be thankful for what you’ve got!
  • You wonder what God thinks of you, and secretly assume He is either mad or disappointed most of the time.
  • You want to feel better about who you are, but don’t know how. You find yourself saying, “This is just the way life is.”

I’d love to sit down with you over coffee or quietly talk by phone and listen to some of your story, your disappointments and hopes. I can help you come to see your life differently – the way God wants you to see your life – with possibility and purpose. And the Introductory Session is FREE! So there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Every word you share is completely confidential, too.

{graceSo yeah, Spiritual Life Coaching can gently help you get out of that stuck place.}

I coach women ages 16 and up, and no one is ever too old to learn to live a better life. Call or email me today to find out about the packages available, or to give Coaching as a life transforming Christmas Gift! You are absolutely worth it.

Robin Lewis – robinlewiswords@gmail.com – 843.319.5390

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The 9 Things that Contribute to the 1 Thing that Drives Your Life {and what you can do about it}

Many things over the course of our life have contributed to what we believe to be true. Today we’re looking at a basic list of 9 things that contribute to the 1 thing that determines your thoughts and attitudes, choices and decisions, words and behavior, and life direction.

  1. Parents
  2. Extended Family
  3. Friends, close relationships
  4. Education
  5. Church or Faith
  6. Media (news, magazines, TV, social media)
  7. Culture
  8. Workplace
  9. Life Experiences (either reinforce or change what we’ve been taught)

Belief System chart

These 9 basic things largely determine our Belief System. The problem is that some things we believe to be true are not true, and some things we believe to be false are not really false. For example, if I wish I could learn to play guitar, but I believe that I cannot because it’s too difficult, then I will never learn to play the guitar.

Our mind is like a 3 drawer filing cabinet with the top drawer labelled TRUTH and holding those things we believe to be true, the middle drawer labelled LIES holding those things we believe to be false, and the bottom drawer labelled PENDING with those things we’re still undecided about.

Belief System Filing Cabinet

Lots of people have learned to play the guitar so it must not be that difficult. If I realize that there may be something wrong with what I believe, then I can examine it, and change it. Our minds were created to be renewable! And here’s the thing: the wrong beliefs? Yeah, they hold us back from living the life we were created and intended to live.

What are some emotions or beliefs that are holding you back in life? How are you “giving weight” to these things in your heart, thoughts, attitude, etc.? What are those beliefs giving birth to? Or, what reality are you experiencing that you want to change?

The word desire means “to give birth to” – Many times what we desire is there to help us toward living a fulfilling life and toward our purpose.  What God has created, designed, and spiritually purposed in you will always seek  a fuller physical manifestation out of you.  God’s purpose in anything wants to always be ever-expanding.  When we give room for those dreams and purposes to grow, they will be blessed to develop more fully. If we learn to believe.


Two years ago, my word for the year was Believe. I was discovering more of the purpose of my life and I came to a point that I knew I would have to press into believing if I were ever to accomplish certain things that God put in my heart to do.

God doesn’t play games with us. If He purposes us to accomplish something specific, then He equips us with all we need to do it. He empowers the dream that He plants in our hearts.

“Do not be conformed to the nature of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2

Our belief systems are so powerful that If we believe we can, we’re right, and if we believe we can’t, we’re right.

If we want to overcome our past and become something more, we can. If there’s a dream in our heart that we would love to fulfill, it can happen. “All things are possible for one who believes!”  Mark 9:23

Be brave, lean on grace, and examine your beliefs. Ask God to show you which ones are holding you back. Then…


Loads of grace,


From the desk by the window where life can be a challenge, but believing is everything!

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