Speaking, Training & Coaching

luggage-82.jpgSome favorite topics and workshops – more are available, just ask!

Encouragement for Life’s Journey for Women (6 sessions):

Let go of what is holding you back and repack for a successful and fulfilling life journey!

Re-wiring Your Belief System (3 sessions):

You will always live out what you truly believe!  Here’s how to change that for a better outcome!

2 Timothy 1:7 Workshop for Women (3 sessions):

  • The True Value of Women & Their Role with Men – {Godly Power}
  • Creating a Culture of Honor, Love & Respect – {Love}
  • A Woman’s Faith Over Fear – {Soundness of Mind}

Inner Healing & Emotional Wholeness :

  • Spirit, Soul, & Physical Body

Healing Through Forgiveness (2 sessions)

Back to the Basics We Didn’t Get:

Lordship – Forgiveness – Grace

Becoming a Great Leader:

Be a strong and safe person in your Home, Church, & Business

Individual Coaching:

Individual professional coaching is available as a separate service from the above classes.  Coaching for students is part of all scheduled classes.  You may also want to read about the Personal Ministry available.

Sozo Life in the heart of every woman!

~Robin L. Lewis

Contact: 843.319.5390, sozolifeleaders@hotmail.com

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