“You are a writer, Robin. Take that seriously. Invest in yourself. Press toward the goal. It is worthy! Give permission for your authentic voice to come forward in writing and speaking, in all you do. You don’t have to couch or comfort what wants to be said. When you work on this book, you are shaping and creating something that will go around the world, that will help people see Me (Father God) differently, and will shed light on the true self of every person who reads it. Agree with Me to set your voice free, for it’s not threatened or silenced any longer.”

The First Book

My first book and current project is entitled “In the Father’s Eyes” and the purpose of this book is to teach in a devotional format God’s definition of the identity, value, and purpose of each individual. I love it!

I’m looking forward to completing the work and then moving on to the next project! I will post updates as the publication nears and there will be a brief time when the eBook will be a free download just for you! Are you interested in being a “first reader” before the book is published? Then let me know! I value your thoughts on the work.

writer sketch

The Weekly Inspiration Blog –

    “From the desk by the window…”

Every week I write and post a blog article related to our spiritual journey, both personally and professionally, and to bring challenge and truth to the reader in several life areas. You’re invited to subscribe and leave comments!


Other Writing

Florence Morning News, Florence SC – I have a column in the 4th Sunday edition, written from a spiritual life coaching perspective. If you miss an issue, let me know; I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Diversity Works Magazine, Florence SC – I am thankful to write the quarterly “Diversity in Spirituality” article. This is a Christian-based piece, while the spiritual principles apply to all of us without regard to race, gender, or background. I’m a happy contributor!

Social Media – Find me with the links in the sidebar. My Facebook fan page is This Sozo Life. Click the “Like” button so you don’t miss the daily posts of inspiration!

Robin 6

All days are important when we are called to create. Whether the words flow like a tumbling mountain stream or whether I have to dig deep and mine them out, I’ve found each day is to be lived intentionally as I pursue my goal.

(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, December 2015


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